The Delphi Charioteer

Front view of Delphi Charioteer
Bronze casting was a favored sculpting technique in ancient Greece, yet so few survive because they were either melted down to re-use or destroyed by Christians who denounced them as pagan. The Delphi Charioteer is one survivor of these cruel fates. He wears the traditional garment of a charioteer; a long chiton with cords wrapped tight around his shoulders to keep the garment from billowing up and exposing himself to everyone. Normally, the garment would be billowing, but this particular cast depicts a calm victory lap. The Severe style in Classical Greek art favored scenes such as this, which shows the anticipation or aftermath of an event rather than the main attraction. They really appreciated the art of subtext and suggestion.
Photo credit / Raminus Falcon, Delphi Archaeological Museum Ancient History Encyclopedia