Philoxenos of Eretria: Battle of Issus

Detail of Alexander the Great from Philoxenos of Eretria: Battle of Issus
Between 336 and 323 BC, Alexander the Great (depicted here riding a horse into battle) conquered the largest known empire in the world from Greece to the Indus Valley. The full painting included the Persian King Darius III and his army, who seem frightened by Alexander's greatness. This piece was from the Hellenistic Period, which followed Alexander the Great's death and saw unprecedented cultural exchange as Greece was at the height of colonization. This period is known for it's expressive characters with intense emotion, a shift from the relatively flat expressions of Classical Greek figures. This is a Roman copy in mosaic or the original fresco. Sadly, much original Greek art has not survived to today.
Photo credit / DEA/G Nimattallah/De Agostini/Getty Images History