Khafre Enthroned

Close up profile of Khafre and falcon god Horus
Made from diorite, this statue glows a brilliant blue in the sunlight. Blue symbolizes the falcon god Horus, who perches behind Khafre and wraps the king in his wings. Egyptians were not concerned with realistism in art; Egyptian kings were usually depicted as young, attractive, and flawless. Signs of aging, fat, battle scars or physical deformities (which many certainly had) are never present in depictions of kings. This was an attempt to control how the public viewed them; many citizens would never see the king in person, and thus relied on these images and statues. However, it also tied to their religious beliefs; the Egyptians believed their bodies would be perfect in the afterlife, so the art of kings reflect this. This figure would be placed in Khafre's tomb, facing forward to accept offerings and blessings from visitors.
Photo credit / Everett BeBa/Iberfoto/Everett Collection (145415) Fine Art America