The Lady of Warka

Alabaster female head from Uruk
Carved from alabaster, with several grooves and openings for precious inlays and headdresses, this female head is thought to depict the Sumerian goddess of love and war Inanna. It was found in the temple of Inanna along with other objects dedicated to her, such as the Warka Vase. Alternatively, it could depict a high priestess. Inanna is considered a significant deity in the West, as she would become identified with several other love goddesses such as the Akkadian Ishtar, the Phoenician Astarte and the Greek Aphrodite. Inanna was adored as a young and ambitious goddess who hopped from place to place, attempting to conquer realms outside her own. She was thought to be the bright star in the morning, the planet Venus.
Photo credit / Iraq Museum, Baghdad: Ayman Al Amiri Ruya Foundation